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“She’s very understanding and accommodating. I saw improvement in my child in just a few sessions.”

 “I feel so heard and validated but also feel that she shows me other perspectives.”

“My therapist did a great job clarifying the boundaries and making sure we bond in a professional way.”

“She gives me tools, plans and exercises to help with any issues I have.”

“She makes good connections and I feel very comfortable talking to her”

“I look forward to every session, every week. My self care/self-improvement is my number one priority.”

“My daughters get so much value out of each session. I'm beyond grateful.”

“After a long search and lots of sessions without any progress I feel like we have found a therapist that works and we are making progress.”

“Our therapist does a great job making us feel heard and understood.”

“They are very good at picking up on how I’m actually feeling and I have never felt judged by them.” 

“She listens well, and has suggestions that have really helped me out.”

“Professional beyond my expectations.”

“I feel so heard and validated but also feel that she shows me other perspectives.”

“I am grateful we found someone who genuinely wants to help our relationship grow.”

“She has shown genuine curiosity about me and I also particularly appreciate the way that she clearly makes an effort to understand where I’m coming from, which is a culture and religion that is foreign to most Americans.”

“I have really enjoyed the connection I have with my therapist!”

“I am extremely thankful for her help! I feel more confident and secure in myself than ever and it's all thanks to her work! She is amazing, extremely thoughtful, and thorough with her work. She's changing lives for the better!” 

“Phenomenal! She listens to us, she challenges, and always keeps the conversation positive even when topics are difficult. This has been a breath of fresh air of therapy.”

“I feel perfectly comfortable, respected, understood.”