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If you feel you are suffering from any of the above conditions, Our EMDR therapy in Skokie may be the exact answer you are looking for. Don’t struggle alone. Get in touch with us today for help!

5. Adult and Childhood Trauma
Childhood traumas as well as trauma suffered as an adult can hinder our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Our EMDR for PTSD in Skokie is an effective way to address the trauma, process it and become stronger through it.

4. Stress and Depression
Stress and depression are common in our modern lives. Whether you are a corporate professional, aspiring artist or a devoted stay-at-home-parent, you need not tackle stress and depression by yourself. EMDR can help you unlock the reasons behind your stress or depression and address it properly.

3. Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety is a common occurrence in the world. These disorders can wreak havoc in people’s lives and EMDR therapy for anxiety is the perfect remedy for it. 

2. Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is one of the most traumatizing experiences one can have. However, there are few treatments that can address this successfully. EMDR therapy for PTSD is one of these and it may help sufferers put their trauma behind them in a gradual yet tangible way.

1. Grief and Loss 
Grief and loss can have a devastating impact on our lives. Our EDMR therapy in Skokie can help alleviate patients’ fixation on these traumas by providing a more relaxed state of mind where they can come to terms with their trauma.

EMDR is designed to treat a range of psychological conditions which have to do with anxiety and trauma. These conditions are common worldwide, but treatment models don’t always work for everyone. However, with EMDR, patients can often overcome their issues and move forward with their lives. Here are some of the major psychological conditions EMDR for PTSD is designed to address:

What Kind of Psychological Conditions Are Treated Using EMDR?

EMDR trauma therapy is an innovative way of treating PTSD and related conditions. It basically uses a specialized bar of lights which are placed across the patient’s visual field. The technique is used by a skilled EMDR practitioner to reduce the impact of patient’s trauma. 

The lights are used as a tool for breaking repetitive psychological patterns that are holding the individual back. Once the session is completed, the patient is asked about their level of distress and how they were able to use the therapy. EMDR has been used to treat thousands, with an encouraging success rate.

What is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)?


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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is one of the most commonly experienced mental disorders in the world. Dealing with trauma can be tricky and many of us often bury it in order to cope with it. Here at Inner Voice Psychotherapy and Consultation, we have highly trained, licensed counselors who are here to help you work through it.

If someone tries to suppress the memory of a traumatic event or avoids confronting the trauma, it can lead to the creation of mental disorders which can be treated with EMDR trauma therapy.

Although trauma is hard to overcome, PTSD can be effectively treated with the right kind of psychotherapy processes. And if someone is considering EMDR treatment in Skokie we are available to help. 

Most people haven’t heard of, much less know where to find a professional trained in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. However, EMDR is a powerful interactive psychotherapy technique designed to help people overcome traumatic experiences in their lives. And if you are looking for EMDR therapy in Skokie we can help. 

Recovering from Emotional Trauma with Expert Help

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