As a practitioner, I work closely with my clients, using a strengths-based approach, to help create change and achieve their personal and professional goals. By engaging in the therapeutic process, my clients are able to identify problem areas in their lives and relationships, increase their ability to communicate effectively, find new ways of relating to themselves and others, as well as develop positive strategies for successful conflict resolution.”

“Every client comes in with a unique set of concerns. Therefore, I find it necessary to tailor my interventions to best suit their individual needs. I enjoy working with my clients to find within themselves the ability to develop healthy patterns of behavior and improve their overall quality of life.”



a rewarding experience for everyone"

 Farah Hussain Baig, LCSW

Psychotherapist, Founder & CEO


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EMDR Therapy

InnerVoice specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, or EMDR. It is a relatively new and groundbreaking therapy that has been proven effective for those who have experienced trauma and performance anxiety, as well as those experiencing other types of anxiety, panic, depression, and other emotional difficulties.  

EMDR is appropriate for adults as well as adolescents and children. Although EMDR is traditionally used to treat trauma, anyone can benefit from EMDR therapy.  

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We have many ways to help you improve your relationship with counseling. We have seven psychotherapists so we can match you with someone you can help you Individual therapy and couples counseling to help you get back on track

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We have a psychotherapist near you if you live or work downtown. Top psychotherapy for you if you are near the loop. We have many ways to help you feel better including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

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Some of the best counseling therapists in Chicago you can find. Top rated therapists conveniently located downtown. Counselors that are easy to get to from anywhere in downtown Chicago

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Be comfortable - talk to a woman counselor about your problems. We have female therapists so you can be comfortable. Serving women in Chicago who are looking for a female therapist

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Get help from a gifted, compassionate therapist. We can help you with top notch psychological counseling services. Talk to a counselor who cares and wants to help you feel better.

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Therapy to help you feel better – many effective techniques including cognitive therapy. We can help you with counseling for feeling overwhelmed or depressed. Great psychotherapy that can help you with anxiety, depression, anger management and more

Get help from some of the most caring and gifted psychotherapists in Chicago: 
Talk to a therapist who cares and can help you. We are easy to get to from all parts of Chicago. In Chicago and feeling down or depressed? Get help from a talented therapist who cares. Whatever you are feeling we have probably helped someone that felt just like you do. We are easy to get to from all parts of Chicago by car or public transportation

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