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The counselors at InnerVoice PC have been a part of enough relationship turn-arounds that we understand every couple can benefit from relationship counseling. And that relationship counseling can reduce conflict, stress and negative interactions. A couple that wants to make things better, guided by a good therapist can significantly improve their relationship and increase trust, intimacy and happiness. 

It’s a common misconception that couples therapy is only for couples heading for breakup or divorce. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and we have a group that consists of gifted professionals, who can help you manage the highs and lows in a way that it improves the quality of your life and your relationship. 

InnerVoice PC offers help in resolving your relationship problems in Chicago, not only for times where you are troubled over a specific dispute, but also during times of transition or change. In addition, some couples participate in relationship counseling when children are involved, and they feel the need to develop new ways to communicate.

Relationship Counseling

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Strengthen your bond, find harmony: Relationship counseling in Chicago

There are times when we get lost in harmful or negative patterns that can develop in a relationship. Or struggle with issues like infidelity or life changes. Initially small things can spiral down into a cycle of resentment. And sometimes relationships become more difficult because one partner suffers from a condition like ADHD, anxiety, anger, depression or more.

If you need a Relationship Therapist in Chicago we are here to help. We look for the best approach to help you to identify factors keeping you from working through your issues and improving your relationship. After developing a level of understanding between you both, we will work as a team. And collaborate to strategize how to best resolve your conflicts.

We also provide therapy to individuals looking to identify and resolve the problems that are keeping them from being able to access their strengths both mentally and physically. We are a diverse group of therapists, which means we can most likely match you with a therapist who is both compatible with you personality-wise and attuned to your specific situation and needs.

Our Integrative Approach to Relationship Counseling in Chicago

Our Service for Relationship therapy in Chicago includes:

Poor Interaction Patterns

Issues of co-parenting

Revitalizing longstanding relationships

Trust or boundary matters

Premarital concerns

Intimacy concerns

Some couples may prefer to start with individual counseling prior to couple therapy. Some may go for both individual and couple counseling simultaneously. InnerVoice PC therapists are experts in evaluating whether individual counseling, couple therapy or a combination of both would be most beneficial for your relationship. Whatever the strategy, we will work effectively and efficiently with the goal being achieving the best positive outcome. 

Couples seeking relationship help in Chicago will gain insight, guidance, and skills to improve your relationship or marriage for years to come. Our professionals are well-trained and seasoned in facilitating growth for a better life, you individually and as a couple. 

But the most important step is the first step. Contact us today, to get started making things better between you and your partner. 

How our Relationship Counseling Works

Commitment issues

Financial Disagreements

Relationship-related stress


To provide the best and most personal experience possible, we have multiple therapists on staff at InnerVoice PC. Use the form below to contact us or if you'd prefer to email us directly, please do so at: We look forward to connecting with you.

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