Facing Life Challenges in Skokie

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Everyone goes through life challenges and difficult times. We have a team of understanding, compassionate counselors that can help you through your rough patch.

With multiple counselors available to help you, we can match you with one who you’re comfortable with. And we have one that can help you with pretty much any situation. Things like school or work-related issues, stress or anxiety, issues with dating, personal or professional a life change or trauma, or trying to find the right balance in your life, we can help.

Our peaceful, comfortable and private office is conveniently located in the Westfield Old Orchard Professional Building in Skokie, IL. It’s an easy trip from the northern Chicago suburbs as well as Evanston, Northfield, Morton Grove, Lincolnwood and a number of other nearby communities. There’s even up to two hours of free covered parking for clients, which makes the location even more convenient and worry free.

So take the first step and call or message us now. And let us help you get back to being happy. And to feeling good about your life.


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