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Trauma is one of the most defining aspects of our life experiences. In Chicago, every day, countless people experience trauma in one form or another. Most of us bury the turbulent sensations inside and never revisit them consciously.

However, trauma should not be simply swept under the rug and ignored. The only way to address is to confront it. Sadly, many of us lack the support structure and insight to deal with it effectively and definitively.

With that said, there are treatments which can offer tremendous benefits for those suffering from trauma, particularly PTSD. In fact, EMDR therapy for PTSD in Chicago has in many ways overturned decades of research which had branded several types of PTSD as incurable. Here are some benefits EMDR therapy in Chicago has to offer:


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What is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy in Chicago?

EMDR is basically a sensory reorientation therapy that makes use of lights to help patients recover from their trauma. During the process itself, a bar of lights of different colors is placed across their visual field. 

This field is then stimulated in an appropriate manner to allow patients to break through repetitive mental cycles. As part of an overall strategy, when done over a number of sessions, this often helps them confront their trauma and deal with it conclusively. 

While like all forms of therapy results vary, based on a number of variables, treatments like EMDR therapy in Chicago has shown a success rate of as high 90%.

As a treatment, EMDR has-been developed to address a number of mental conditions centered on anxiety and trauma. While both these conditions are rather common, there are few treatments which work for them. 

EMDR for PTSD in Chicago can help patients seize control of their lives and actions and move forward in life. Here are some conditions which can be treated using EMDR therapy in Chicago:

1. Grief and Loss 
Loss in any form and grief over it devastates lives and relationships across the world. EMDR therapy assists patients in coming to terms with their loss and any lingering guilt they may have over it.

3. Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety is ranked among the most prevalent mental conditions in the world and yet, there are few definitive treatments for it. EMDR is an innovative technique to help persons suffering from anxiety disorders finds internal equilibrium.

5. Adult and Childhood Trauma
Early age traumatic experiences can lead to lifelong mental problems. Treating these traumas as early as possible is the best way to move forward with them. EMDR therapy for PTSD in Chicago can open doors to a new trauma-free way of looking at the world and living life.

EMDR has helped improve the lives of thousands of patients suffering from these and many other conditions. And while we can’t guarantee it’s right for you, InnerVoice PC has a team of talented licensed therapists who are here to help you get on the path to feeling better. So call us today for further information about EMDR treatment and to see if it’s right for you.  

2. Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is among the most devastating experiences anyone could experience in their life. EMDR is one of the very few therapies that has a demonstrably positive impact in helping individuals confront their abuse and find ways to grow up from them.

4. Stress and Depression
Stress is one of the biggest reasons for reduced lifespan. And it is the cause or a contributing factor to an assortment of health conditions as well as their premature onset. The same can be said for depression in all its forms. Using EMDR therapy in Chicago can help reduce the impact of stress and depression and help you develop a better lifestyle.

Mental Issues That Can Be Treated Through EMDR Therapy in Chicago

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