"I was connected with Jamie during what I'll call a hustle hangover.  For me, this was a feeling of hopelessness stemming from spending 30+ years crafting the life I thought I wanted and then suddenly, questioning everything.  Thus far, I have muscled my way through life in a very self-sufficient, I-don't-need-help-from-anyone kind of manner.  Therapy wasn't for me, or so I thought.  But finally, I was at a total loss and was serendipitously connected with Jamie at IVPC.  I met with Jamie over a period of nine months and am thankful to her for so many things: her non-judgmental, relatable approach; accessibility as an empathetic sounding board; ability to ask challenging questions that helped me find my own answers; tactical tools & pertinent homework assignments; and last but not least, her humor and levity.  

Jamie helped me start to discern the 'should's' form the 'could's' in my life, as well as embrace how much broader and less judgmental my perspectives could be.  Through techniques like mindfulness and ACT, she helped me practice quieting my inner critic and start accepting life as it was, which inadvertently also helped me identify what really mattered.  She also created space that allowed me to work through past hurts that still haunted me with shame.  

Despite my initial skepticism, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Jamie and am now a believer in the power & efficacy of psychotherapy! I will forever be thankful for being connected with Jamie during this season of my life."

- M.M.

"I began working with Farah when I was having some troubled spots in life and wanted to get out of feeling overwhelmingly anxious and stuck. Before I experienced therapy I was not a "believer", I didn't think it was the route for me but I was at a point where I had to try something different to feel better mentally & physically. I had my doubts that this experience was only going to last past 1 or 2 visits. Farah was a welcome surprise. She is incredibly warm, very understanding, and a wonderful listener. Not only is she empathetic but also very insightful and can help you challenge yourself to a better place; a place that you'd rather be but don't have the right tools yet to get there. Each time I left I felt that I had learned something new and had some weight lifted off my shoulders. I know that my time with Farah has lead me to the life I now fully enjoy and I keep the tools she taught me close by when needed. My entire experience with her was an amazing one, I feel lucky to have walked in to her office when I did." 

- C.S.

"When I first met Ewelina I was getting towards the end of my rope. I had suffered through repeated trauma throughout the course of my life and I wasn’t able to handle it on my own anymore. I remember feeling terrified at the thought of telling a stranger my most intimate of secrets. That fear would quickly fade as my time with Ewelina went on. Some sessions were more difficult than others but she was always calm and comforting with me. I couldn’t imagine going through the recovery process with anyone else. She made me feel comfortable in discussing things that I never thought I’d be to say out loud. I am truly grateful that now I can say that I am a survivor and that it was her professionalism and over all caring nature that helped me along the way. I would recommend InnerVoice to any who feel they need help getting passed the difficulties life presents us with. It gave me the strength to keep going on and I will always be thankful for all therapy has done for me." 

- A.B.

"I was actually referred to Saren by another Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who felt that I would individually benefit by scheduling an appointment to meet with Saren. In our lives, we like to think that we’re our own professionals…equipped to handle any of life’s transitions, frustrations, hidden grief and even our own future desires and goals…regardless of the immeasurable pain, nature, duration or immediacy. It’s even more difficult to accept the fact that sometimes we just get plain ‘stuck’ and no matter how hard we try, we feel as if we’re sinking deeper into situations that we’re just not ready to acknowledge or seek help. Our feelings and emotions are kept hidden away but yet we seem to manage that ‘other face’ for everyone else. Nothing ever seems to align; the stress, anxiety and fears eat away at the self-confidence we’ve worked so hard to maintain. I was that person. That was my story… although at the time I initially met with Saren, I was unaware and clueless. 

After my first consultation with Saren, I knew immediately she would be a dedicated ‘team player’ for me, to me and most importantly...with me! Never did I feel as if our sessions were “text book” cases that are applied to any and every client. Our sessions were individualized and they catered to my needs and personal growth. My sessions with Saren were definitely created for my own understanding, progress, health and happiness in mind! I gained so much understanding about myself. I made tremendous personal progress that I am so proud about! I am much healthier physically & emotionally. I am a happier and more aligned person within myself and I’ve learned to establish priorities that always have consideration and respect for me! 

Together Saren and I developed personal options and paths that were not only beneficial for me, but they were fun and creative too! Imagine that? I know there will always be obstacles in life…that’s just part of living. What I’ve also learned from working with Saren is the importance and role we play to take those tiny ‘day-by-day’ steps that will help us to break down any situation into parts that we really can manage effectively!" 

- N.A.

"My husband and I saw Ewelina for several sessions of premarital counseling last fall, and she was wonderful to work with. We weren't having any problems in our relationship but wanted to set up our marriage for success from the get-go. To be honest we weren't sure what to expect, but I'm so happy we went! Ewelina gave us a safe environment to open up in and her "homework" assignments were useful as we planned our life together and envisioned our relationship in the future. She was patient with us and challenged us in a constructive way. Ultimately, I left feeling like we were even stronger as a couple and that there wasn't anything we couldn't tackle together. I highly recommend Ewelina!"

- M.C.

"I have been seeing Farah for over 2 years now, and she has transformed my life. I have seen dozens of therapists throughout my life, but no one has been able to get to the core until I met Farah. She took the time with me, gave me responses that made me think, and was always extremely tentative and understanding- I could not have asked for a better person to help. I have referred her to numerous friends and all have the same responses: that she has helped rebuild their lives. I could write a whole book on how she has helped me grow! I can't say enough amazing things about this woman- she is the absolute BEST." 

- A.D.

"I really enjoyed last night's group session about 'Dating Authentically.' I left with a lot of valuable information and the most important for me was taking myself on a journey of internal metamorphosis. My favorite was the comment Lauren made about reviewing ways that I'm the common denominator...(imagine that?) how I might get in my own way. When I left last night, I made a decision to spend a little more time with myself and ENJOY taking a look at my needs and desires...I'm also going to concentrate on mindfulness and awareness...So much more than my original goal was accomplished after attending this workshop...Thanks for the handouts, they'll continue to be helpful in many ways and Lauren's presentations were perfect because I could better visualize scenarios with word and graphic integrations. I had a fun night!"

- N.A.

"Farah is absolutely, life-changingly wonderful! I've been meeting with her for over a year now, and her guidance continues to help me through various "roadblocks" and tribulations. She is attentive, welcoming, and insightful, while consistently providing me with plenty of constructive criticism. Farah is eager to work with a wide spectrum of personal concerns and/or issues, and took the time to find the right approach for my unique needs. I highly recommend her, whether you're looking for career guidance, emotional clarification, relationship advice, or anything in between!! Farah Hussain is your neutral, third-party gal!" 

- S.B.

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